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I’m Tim, an ex-team GB and Ghana Sprinter with over 17 years’ experience competing at the highest level in my sport. 

I’ve competed at the Commonwealth games, World Championships indoors and out and the European Championships. 

Since retiring from the sport I have become a fully qualified Personal Trainer and I continue to broaden my knowledge while working with Leeds Carniege Rugby Union, Halifax Town FC and Bradford Bulls and Currently Head S&C at .

As an experienced athlete I have first-hand knowledge of improving fitness levels, changing body shape and improving strength and conditioning with my elite approach and training methods.

Performance CEO TRAINING

The benefits of training with me:

  • Tailored workouts to fit your fitness levels and goals
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • On-location training
  • Regular assessments to track your progress
  • Learn daily workouts you can take with you on the go

Performance CEO Training

If you’re a busy business professional, the stress of work and finding the time to exercise can be overwhelming.

I understand the challenges but I also know that it’s important to stay active and have a fitness routine so you don’t slow down at your job.

That’s why I offer personal training to CEOs and elite business professionals that can fit any busy schedule.

No more worrying about making time to go to the gym or trying at-home workouts that don’t last. I can work with you on your time and motivate you to crush your fitness goals, so you can continue crushing it in your career.

My training will help improve:

  • Strength – I use a functional approach that focuses on building upper body, lower body, and core strength.
  • Conditioning – Cardio exercises that improve your conditioning, get your heart rate up, and keep you feeling refreshed.
  • Flexibility – Workouts, exercises, and stretches that activate a variety of muscles and build strong flexibility
  • Nutrition Education – I provide helpful resources, diet and meal tips, and advice that help you make healthier food decisions.

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